Learning Material

Material for the theory exam you will get in my driving school Mainhattan Drive.

Advice for the exams

Have you submitted your complete documents in the registration office, you dont have to worry about anything else. The registration office will need about 4-6 weeks for processing of your documents. Are they tested, they will be sent directly to the driving school Mainhattan Drive.

Your application will remain valid for one year and shall be extended for a further year from the day you pass the theory exam. The theory lessons and special driving lessons (Sonderfahrten) are valid for two years.

We will give you notice if your documents have been delivered to us - if you have diligently learned in the meantime, and fully completed all the theory lessons, you can easily then already sign up for an online pretest in my driving school - so far you have mastered this hurdle successfully or feel yourself ready for the exam, we report you for the exam.

Examination dates are held several times a week at different times. As a rule, we do assume a drop-off service, so we have time to talk about outstanding issues.

Once you fit and feel confident in the car and the special driving lessons (Sonderfahrten) have mastered, we make a simulation driving exam - then you can register for the practical exam.

Registration must be made two weeks prior to the exam date.


Subsequently, the current theory plan

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